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Our Brands

Our Business Partners:

Dyeing and finishing machinery: nozzle, rope, horizontal and vertical, jiggers, tumblers, washing ranges.

Automatic dosing systems for chemicals, dyes, salt, pigments for dyehouses and printing companies, colour kitchens, controllers.

Printing machines: flat bed, rotary, digital.

Coating machines, calenders for textiles and leather, technological lines, „hot melt”.

Raising and shearing machines, compactors, mercerising lines.

Inspection machines, sewing machines, packing machines.

Dyeing and finishing machines for jeans and ready-made garments.

Dyeing machines for hosiery.

Laboratory equipment for textile industry.

Dryers, steamers, tumblers, crushing and pleating machines, transfer printing machines.

Dyes and Auxiliaries for textiles.

Pigments for printing, binders, chemicals for printing.

Oils for knitting machines, yarn preparations.

Specialized industrial oils and greases.

Fire retardants , products for coating, antibacterials.

Silicons, antifoaming products based on silicone and non-silicone substances.

Antimicrobal products, including agents based on silver microparticles for textile industry, plastics, PVC, paints and lacquers.

Flame retardant products for textiles.

Sizing agents and weaving waxes.

Auxiliaries for textiles.

Auxiliaries for textiles.

Dyes for textiles.


Laboratory equipment.


Spectrophotometers, Pantone books.


Devices for yarn quality control and laboratory equipment for textile industry.


Laboratory equipment.

Raising fillets.

Pin plates for stenters.

Tapes for textile machinery.

Felts, teflons, conveyor belts for dryers.

Brushes for textile machinery.